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Harvard Law School Outlines

Choose from our range of Harvard Law School Outlines and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Administrative law: Legislation and Regulation Outlines

Hello! These are my notes and outline for Administrative Law Legislation and Regulation, based on the textbook Breyer, et al., Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy (8th ed.).

The Full Course Outline contains detailed case briefs along with lec

Civil Procedure Outlines

Detailed outline and notes from a 1L Civil Procedure class. Includes detailed case summaries, charts and diagrams where appropriate, and the professor's policy discussions interspersed throughout. Would be very helpful for any 1L tackling Civ Pro fo

Civil Procedure Outlines
Civil Procedure Outlines

Hello! This is my outline for civil procedure, based on Friedenthal et al, Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials (11th ed.).

It includes detailed case briefs and notes from lectures. The case briefs are highly detailed, and are sufficient for review

Constitutional Analysis Outlines

Notes for Professor Laurence H. Tribe's Constitutional Analysis class. The class covered all aspects of constitutional law, including First Amendment, Criminal Procedure, Fourteenth Amendment, Separation of Powers, and Federalism.

Constitutional Law: Fourteenth Amendment, Separation of Powers Outlines

Extensive detailed outline for Harvard Law class on Constitutional Law: Fourteenth Amendment, Separation of Powers.

Contracts Outlines
Contracts Outlines

Hello! These are my outlines for Contracts, based on Knapp, Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials (8th ed.)

The Full Course Outline provides detailed notes and case briefs on every issue covered in the first-year contracts law class. It is

Criminal Law Outlines
Criminal Law Outlines

Hello! These are my outlines for Criminal Law, based on the book Kadish et el., Criminal Law and its Processes (10th ed.).

The Full Course Outline provides detailed notes and case briefs on every issue covered in the first-year criminal law class.

Employment Law Outlines

For Professor Benjamin I. Sachs' Employment Law Class. Covers common law of employment contracts as well as federal statutory law relevant to employment relationship (e.g., Americans With Disabilities Act, Title VII)

Evidence Outlines

A condensed "short" outline for a typical US Evidence class. Focused primarily on the application of the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE), this outline is perfect as a reference for an in-class exam, as it condenses all the rules into easily applied c

Evidence Outlines

Hello! These are my notes and outlines for Evidence, based on the textbook by Sklansky, Evidence: Cases, Commentary and Problems (4th ed.).

The full course outline includes detailed case briefs, along with class discussions. You could use it to ex

Federal Courts Outlines

This is a well-organized outline/checklist for a course in Federal Courts, which used the famous Hart and Wechsler Federal Courts textbook. The outline is organized by topic, which is particularly helpful in an examination setting -- it makes it very

Federal Courts Outlines

Comprehensive outline for Federal Courts and the Federal System - Prof. Jackson - Spring 2014

First Amendment Outlines

A robust "short" outline, helpful as an attack sheet for an in-class or take-home First Amendment exam. Does not include extensive descriptions of facts of the case, but distills important holdings for each case, organized by topic. Articulates spec

Insurance Law Outlines

For Professor Bruce Hay's 2013 Insurance Law class. Covers formation and interpretation of insurance contracts, bad faith, reinsurance, and related topics.

International Humanitarian Law / Law of Armed Conflict Outlines

Hello! This is my outline for International Humanitarian Law (IHL), also called Law of War or Law of Armed Conflict. It covers all the main topics in detail, including when a state can lawfully use force, international armed conflicts, non-internation

Legislation & Regulation Outlines
Natural Resources Law Outlines

Covers Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, federal mineral and forestry laws, public lands regulation, takings clause, and water rights, along with related topics. For Professor John Echeverria's Winter 2014 class.

Patent Law Outlines

Typical US Patent Law outline, contains a checklist of key issues to spot (patentability requirements, infringement, defenses, and so forth), as well as details on key cases and provisions of the patent law about all the main patent law topics. Course

Property Outlines
Taxation Outlines

Introduction to Income Tax with Professor Halperin

Torts Outlines
Torts Outlines

Hello! This is my outline for Torts, based on Best et al., Basic Tort Law: Cases, Statutes and Problems (4th ed.).

The Full Course Outline provides detailed notes and case briefs on every issue covered in the first-year torts class. It is precise a

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