Imagine an automatic stream of income from selling your outlines

Picture this. You receive a good-news email for once, alerting you that you earned:

  • Twenty US Dollars last week when you were at Glastonbury music festival.
  • Ten US Dollars yesterday while you walked the dog.
  • A mega-sale of 60 US Dollars on Sunday, while you were sleeping in after a heavy night on the town.
  • $30.00 sent to Against Malaria Foundation on your behalf this morning while you were on your daily commute (see 'pro-bono' below)

It's guilt-free cash, separate from your normal wages and personal allowance and so it's prime for spending on pleasures like city-break holidays, stylish new clothes, tech-gear, musical instruments or rounds of drinks at the pub.

Why sell your outlines With Oxbridge Notes?

If you've got good outlines, written at any university and in any country, then Oxbridge Notes is —the BEST place to sell them— that is if you care about a headache-free way of making passive income through work you've already done. Here's why:

We're established for almost 14 years and rapidly growing— if you publish your outlines here other students *will* find them. We saw 250,000 different students visit last year. We expect a multiple of that this year, combing our categories for outlines they need to buy to help them get through nasty exams.

Legally sell your outlines—A number of years ago some universities in California got annoyed at other outlines selling websites for hosting transcripts of lecture outlines—therefore we don't allow our authors to upload handouts/past exam papers/essays. Instead we exclusively sell material that students have synthesised themselves by combining multiple sources. Everyone, including your professors, built their knowledge on the shoulders of others and it's completely acceptable to rely on other sources. You cannot copyright facts. If a student created a textbook worth of notes or outlines themselves by combining lectures/readings/cases/statutes it's fully within their legal right to sell their work. Hundreds of thousands of students around the world already sell their outlines across various online platforms, and your ability to sell your outlines is guaranteed by your right to free speech. Nothing your university says in their attempts to protect their financial monopoly and suppress cheap distribution of knowledge makes this otherwise, and any terms or stipulations they have about selling your outlines can only legally extend to your selling their lecture handouts. Finally, we don't publish the names of our authors.

You take a 72% commission, we take 28%. Unlike classic publishers, we believe the author should earn a higher percentage than the publisher. Our commissions figures are calculated after our company pays out unavoidable fees (Paypal transaction costs of approx 3% and government-levied sales tax/VAT of approx 20%). Imagine your notes sell for 100: Oxbridge Notes receives 97.0 after these unavoidable fees. You then receive 72% of this 97.0, i.e. about 69.84.

Double your altruism as a 'pro-bono' author–Have enough spare cash and would rather send your commissions to charity? New 'pro-bono' option means you can send all of the money you earn from your sales directly to a charity of your choice. Just include the words 'pro-bono' in your application and we'll get in touch to ask which charity you want to support - then every time you help a student revise smarter, you'll also be helping to maintain the services of a charity you value. We'll match your kindness by contributing our earnings to the same charity, minus the presently unavoidable fees of doing business (VAT, Paypal transaction charges, server costs).

You do NOTHING(FN1), other than upload your outlines and receive cash monthly.You've got your own life to lead—we do the dirty work of creating photos of your outlines, short PDF samples, web-pages, zip files, categories, SEO optimisations for added traffic, advertisements during exam periods, AB-tested sales copy, credit card payments, fraud monitoring, reversals, refunds, sitemaps—you name it. We deal with angry customers who scream in all caps that they cannot open their files, we do the taxes, the paperwork, we're the ones up at 5am on a Sunday evening keeping the website running and keeping customers buying your outlines while you sleep in.

We NEVER reveal your name to buyers who ask. What's more we can scrub your name out of "docx" files metadata at your request.

ZERO TIES. Leave whenever you want. Perhaps you're using our platform to test whether it's worth making your own website to sell your outlines. After the Christmas exam season you see epic sales so you want to leave and go it solo. Fine by us—we were glad to inspire you to be an entrepreneur.

With both our interests aligned in getting sales (since we both take a cut ), we are heavily motivated to MAXIMIZE sales for our customers, like you.

*1 Optionally you can answer super short customer questions about your outlines—but these are rare and not strictly necessary for you to reply to. Unfortunately we cannot be experts on every module studied at every university around the world.. yet.

How much will I earn?

Last year our average author made a little under $250— in exchange for about 15 minutes of total time invested. As an hourly wage that works out as about $1,000.00/hour— twice what the most expensive lawyers in the country charge. Not bad.

Your exact earnings depend on demand for your subject, how much the market likes your outlines and also the time of year. Realistically 80% of sales happen in the months preceding exam periods.

How does it work?

Simple. You fill in the form below, and if we like what we see we'll get back to you inviting you to join us as a seller. Once on board you'll quickly upload all your modules of outlines. We'll put them on sale and then email you every time a customer buys your outlines. At the end of every month we'll transfer your balance Paypal account (free to set up, free to withdraw to your normal bank account, easy to pay for pretty much anything online with the balance).

What kind of sellers/Outlines can apply?

Outlines, Essays Plans, Sample Answers, Mind Maps. We're looking for any sort of revision materials. Clarity, accuracy and good organisation earn you bonus points.

Typed Up Outlines. Sadly we only accept electronic documents (any reasonably general format including Word, PDF, ODT). No-one wants to buy scans.

All Levels Accepted Undergraduate, Masters, professional exams (such as LPC) are all dandy.

Outstanding Students. We accept high performing authors from every institution, not just Oxford or Cambridge as our website title might suggest. Since we have multiple websites selling in multiple countries it does not matter what country you studied in. If you've got good grades and great outlines we want you to apply.


You Must Have Written All Submitted Outlines. If we catch you passing off someone else's work as your own (e.g. your professor's outlines or another students' outlines), then we reserve the right to alert the aggrieved party of your activities.

No Submitted Essays. Besides promoting plagiarism submitted essays leaves us in a legally grey area with your university for appropriating essay titles they may own the intellectual property rights to. On the other hand we accept essay plans where you came up with the titles yourself.

No Lecture Handouts. Any lecture handouts, or outlines your professor gives you are the intellectual property of your university and you have no right to sell them. is a marketplace for outlines you made on your own, bringing together and summarising all your studies. Even a single page of lecture handouts is illegal for you to sell.


was founded in 2010 by Jack Kinsella, an Oxford law graduate / programmer. Jack also founded Bolivian Express, Bolivia's major English language magazine.

You can get in touch with Jack at any time to ask him questions about the service though our contact form.

Apply before our capacity is filled

Limited Seller Capacity. We operate on a quality mediated first come first served basis to prevent overcrowding of sellers. From the customer's point of view having ten different sellers in each area is overwhelming and choosing between them would be a stressful task - something someone with an exam in twelve hours doesn't need. From the seller's point of view each additional student offering the same subjects dilutes individual earnings since the pie is shared between more people. Everyone wins if we keep the total number of sellers in each area relatively low. Thus if you think you'd like to be a seller on it's advisable to apply as soon as possible.

Your Outlines Become Less Valuable With Every Passing Day. You've an exam next Monday. If someone offered you a choice between outlines created 2 months ago and outlines created 2 years ago, which would you choose? Nearly all students say that they would choose the more recent outlines. Your outlines become less valuable to others, and less sellable by us, with every passing day. If you decide to sell them they will never be more valuable than they are today.

Apply To Sell With Oxbridge Notes

Fill in this form if you'd like to become a seller with Oxbridge Notes. If we're impressed we'll email with further details, often within less than one working day.

    Country: You are applying to our United States store. If you are based elsewhere, visit our international stores.

    We only accept notes for law subjects in your region—if your subject is not on the list below then we regrettably cannot serve you. For some subjects, you might have better luck in our UK or USA sister international websites, both linked to in the footer of this page.

  1. We only accept law-related degrees now. Also, if you did a joint honours don't worry—you can add a second degree later.

  2. Where do you/did you study? Undergraduate and, if applicable, further education (e.g. College of Law).

  3. When did you/ will you sit your final exams?

  4. Degree classification/grade. If you don't have one yet, please enter your expected classification followed by the word 'expected'

  5. Attach one sample of your notes. (If you like you can copy and paste a few docs into one file). You retain all rights and we shall delete it if you are not accepted. Obviously, you must be the author of these notes. You'll need to send us a sample eventually.

    This field is optional only because you might be reading this on your phone and not have documents handy. Apply now but shoot us an email with a sample next time you're on your laptop.

  6. Grades (achieved or expected), modules you have available for selling (e.g. Tort Law, Criminal Law), and anything else you'd like to tell us about you or your notes

  7. Create a password (required). 6 character min. Reasoning: so you can log in to add notes later!

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