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About Us

Oxbridge Notes is a place where the very best students in the world upload their notes and essay plans and, if they meet our standards of quality, sell them through our system. All the notes you see on the site were thus produced by other students and subsequently approved by our team. We differ from other notes-selling websites in that we exclusively sell notes written by top students, whom we seek out based on our Ivy League network and our attention to prize-winner lists at target universities.

Our Vision:

Students who meticulously crafted accurate, entertaining, thorough and colorful revision notes at college should be able to share them with other students around the world instead of leaving those notes to lie hidden in some forgotten crevice. Student crafted notes are an excellent resource for reverse engineering the process of learning and so provide a valuable resource for high flyers.

Who Are We?

Jack Kinsella Oxbridge Notes was founded by Jack Kinsella, an Oxford law graduate and programmer. From the age of 14, Jack found studying from other people's notes to be more efficient than sitting through classes and wading through textbooks on his own, and this website was born out of his desire to bring these shortcuts to the wider world.

Oxbridge Notes is a registered business name in the United States.

For those who like to do due diligence on a business before purchasing, we're written up a page detailing how to verify we're the real deal here.

Do We Sell Professors' Notes?

An important part of Oxbridge Notes' policy is that we don't allow students to upload their professors' lecture notes. Besides being an infringement of intellectual property rights, we don't think that these notes are that useful for exam revision. The material can be too dense and the language isn't always readily understandable. Sometimes it's hard for a professor to empathise with how little a student new to a subject can know.

Is using other people's notes to get ahead unfair?

  • In our experience, the hardest working people at Oxford frequently referred to other people's notes as one of their study strategies. They saw the activity as a type of reverse engineering. These students liked to study model answers and figure out how to replicate the process of writing a great essay, as opposed to replicating the content. This activity is far harder work than mindlessly learning off facts and it's a more relevant skill in the "real world", where answers aren't always apparent.
  • Books of notes and sample essays are endorsed by major universities around the world. For example, the Oxford University Press publishes collections of sample answers and problem questions in various subjects.
  • An important market for Oxbridge Notes is people with disabilities. Electronic notes, as opposed to textbooks, can be read by computers and so are accessible to people with sight problems and other disabilities. We're providing a game changing service to these buyers.
  • Another market for our notes is, surprisingly, non-students. For example, our law notes are bought by civil servants in America and further abroad to be used as concise, reader friendly primers to the UK legal system.
  • Oxbridge Notes strongly opposes plagiarism. Material uploaded to our website is immediately added to our sitemap and signalled to Google such that anti-plagiarism systems will detect if someone were to try and pass off notes bought here as their own work. If a student were to attempt to plagiarise this material they will certainly get caught— and rightly so.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, complaints, or business opportunities please don't hesitate to contact us.