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NYU School Of Law Outlines

Choose from our range of NYU School Of Law Outlines and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Civil Procedure Outlines

Complete course in U.S. federal civil procedure

Contracts Outlines

Final Contracts Outline for basic 1L course.

Corporate Bonds and Credit Agreement Outlines

Corporate Bonds and Credit Agreement with Kahan Spring 2019

Corporation Outlines

Corporation with Kahan Autumn 2018

Criminal Law Outlines

1L Criminal Law outline.

Intellectual Property (IP) Law Outlines

IP Law with Former Spring 2019
Based on the book Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age 2018 (Robert P. Merges)

IP Law (Attack Outline) Outlines

IP Law with Former Spring 2019

Legislation and Regulation (Admin Law) Outlines

Keyed to Manning and Stephenson casebook.

Professional Responsibility Outlines

Professional Responsibility with Gillers Autumn 2018
Based on the textbook: Stephen Gillers, Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics (11th Ed. 2018)

Property Outlines

1L Property Outline keyed to Dukeminier casebook

U.S. Income Tax Law Outlines

Intro US Income Tax outline from NYU Law (nation's top tax program)

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