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University Of Chicago Law School Outlines

Choose from our range of University Of Chicago Law School Outlines and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Administrative Law Outlines

Straightforward case-by-case rundown of Administrative Law, with reference to important provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act.

Civil Procedure Outlines

Exam outline for Professor Buss' Civil Procedure Course. Covers all of Civ Pro I.

Conflicts of Law Outlines

Fulsome, well-organized case-by-case outline for Conflicts of Law (a.k.a. Conflict of Laws), a common law school course in the United States. Highlights the different approaches -- territorial, interest analysis, renvoi, etc. -- that courts have taken

Constitutional Law: Fourteenth Amendment Outlines

This is a case "shortline" or "attack outline" for the class known at the University of Chicago Law School as Constitutional Law III (Equal Protection and Substantive Due Process). It is intentionally concise, being intended to aid a student with a qu

Criminal Procedure I Outlines

This is a brief rules-based "attack outline" (rather than a highly detailed outline) covering Fourth and Fifth Amendment case law -- search and seizure, Miranda rights, etc. Instead of going case by case, it proceeds as a list of rules and exceptions

Legislation and Statutory Interpretation Outlines

Fulsome, well-organized outline for Legislation and Statutory Interpretation, a popular law school course in the United States. My grade was adversely affected by me missing the first hour of the three-hour final exam, so I very much expect that this

Torts Outlines

This is a law school outline for Torts, a required 1L class. The first page lists major overarching themes of the course, which was taught to me over two academic quarters by two professors. After that it is a more traditional case-by-case outline, fo

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