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University Of Pennsylvania Law School Outlines

Choose from our range of University Of Pennsylvania Law School Outlines and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Legislation and Statutory Interpretation Outlines

This law school outline is for a course on Legislative Law, which examines issues relating to the enactment, application and interpretation of legislation, primarily at the federal level. The course introduced students to the basic contours of Congres

Professional Responsibility & Prosecutorial Ethics Outlines

This is a short outline of a professional responsibility course, which tackles the ethical obligations imposed on criminal prosecutors by the United States Constitution and the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility. A criminal prosecutor must rec

A comprehensive outline of Professor Wagner's first year property course, covering all the major topics in Property law.

Property (Duke Wiener) Outlines

Property with Professor Wiener

Public International Law Outlines

This is an outline of an introductory international law course, which introduces students to the legal rules and institutions that govern the international political system. The course provides a formal introduction to international law and emphasizes





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