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University Of Virginia Outlines

Choose from our range of University Of Virginia Outlines and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Civil Rights Litigation Outlines

This is a 27-page primary outline and 3-page attach outline of Civil Rights Litigation as taught by Prof. Michael Collins at UVA Law. Professor Collins taught the course using materials he compiled himself, and topics covered include types of actionab

Constitutional Law Outlines

This includes a thorough outline of Prof. Risa Goluboff's Constitutional Law course at UVA Law. Topics covered include the structure and functions of the branches of the federal government, Congressional power, presidential and war powers, and individ

Corporations Outlines

This is an outline of Corporations as taught by Prof. John Harrison at UVA Law, using the Klein, Ramseyer, & Bainbridge Business Associations casebook. Topics include: Agency, Partnership, Corporate Forms, Shareholder Derivative Suits, Corporate Dutie

Election Law (Regulation of Political Process) Outlines

Outline of Election Law (called "Regulation of the Political Process" at UVA) as taught by Prof. Michael Gilbert, using the Lowenstein casebook. Topics covered include Voting Rights, Districting, Vote Denial, Minority Vote Dilution, Gerrymandering, El

Evidence Outlines

This is an outline of Evidence as taught by Professor Kimberly Kessler Ferzan at UVA Law in the Spring of 2016. Professor Ferzan used Giannelli's Understanding Evidence and NITA's Evidence in Context as her primary teaching materials.

The outline

Federal Courts Outlines

This is a four-part package of notes including:

1. An exhaustive outline of Federal Courts, taught by Prof. Caleb Nelson using Hart and Wechsler's 7th Edition. Topics covered included justiciability (standing, ripeness, mootness, and political ques

Federal Income Tax Outlines

Thorough and comprehensive Federal Income Tax outline that I created in the process of earning one of the few A+'s this professor has ever given. This class used the Bankman, Shaviro & Stark casebook, and topics covered include forms of income, exclus

Partnership Tax Outlines

This is a comprehensive outline of partnership tax law with a focus on the statutes of Subchapter K. This course was taught by Prof. Ethan Yale without a case book, and the primary course materials were the statutes and the Cunningham & Cunningham "Lo

Property Outlines

This is a comprehensive outline for Prof. Julia Mahoney's Spring 2015 Property class at UVA Law. Topics covered include forms and concepts of property, property torts and crimes, fragmentation of property interests, nuisance, servitudes, takings/emine

Trusts and Estates Outlines

This is a very detailed outline of Trusts & Estates as taught by Professor J. G. Hylton at UVA. The casebook used was Dukenminier, Sitkoff, and Lindgren's Wills, Trusts, and Estates. The professor taught directly from the casebook and used a very conv

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